Bundaberg Property Market Trends 4670 City Highlights

Bundaberg Property Market Trends 4670 & City Highlights

Bundaberg, or Bundy as it is known by its residents, is on the Great Barrier Reef and surrounded by fertile pastures. From wonderful marine life to good food and everything in between, Bundaberg charms all its visitors.

Bundaberg’s attractive qualities make it a perfect place to build a home or invest in properties. Let’s have a look at the property market trends and other city highlights below. 

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Property Trends in Bundaberg

According to RealEstate.com.au, four main things make Bundaberg one of the best places to live; the perfect weather (not too cold, not too hot), the variety of family activities you can do, access to the southern barrier reef, and the variety of farming lands. The suburb truly has a mix of rural and city life, making it attractive for many who want a change of scenery.

In the past 12 months, Bundaberg saw a healthy increase in their property prices. The median house price was $349,000 (and units at $260,000), representing a median growth of almost 11%. While this is impressive growth, houses may be on the pricier side; however, it’s worth it to live in Bundaberg.

Bundaberg also shows promising outcomes for investors, having an annual rental yield of 6.7% for houses and 6.2% for units. The population of the suburb is ever-growing, which always increases the need for houses and properties for rent.

General Information, Background, History

Before Bundaberg became the modern suburb it is now, the local Aboriginal groups of the Gurang Gurang, Batjala, and Taribelang Bunda people first inhabited it. Bundaberg is a unique mixture of the Aboriginal language and a very old European term.

“Bunda” was the name of Indigenous people who lived in the area, and “burg” is an old Saxon term that means town. So, essentially, Bundaberg means the “town of the Bunda tribe.”

Bundaberg was discovered by John and Gavin Steuart and Lachlan Tripp, who were timbergetters, in 1867. When the first farmers came to the scene, timber was established as a thriving industry in the area.

Burnett Bridge Bundaberg

Sugarcane then became the backbone of the economy and remained that way until today. Since Bundaberg has rich volcanic soil, perfect weather, and abundant water, it is the ideal place for sugarcane and other produce.

One of the most iconic products that came out of Bundaberg is Bundaberg Rum. In the late 19th century, sugarcane farmers had a lot of molasses left, which is a byproduct when refining sugar. This was used to produce the rum!

Today, Bundaberg stands tall as a major center for not only rum and sugarcane but also for horticulture in general. The best fruits and veggies, including zucchini, avos, and tomatoes, are found here! Apart from this, the suburb is filled with historical sites and natural attractions, as well as a rich arts and culture scene.

Farming/Economic Activities in Bundaberg

Bundaberg stands as a flourishing paradise for various farming activities that captivates your senses and allows you to experience what rural life is. The vibrant area boasts a rich agricultural heritage, has plenty of farming activities, and is suitable for families and kids.


Tinaberries is a working fruit-producing farm just 17 minutes from Bundaberg, towards the coral coast. This must-visit farm is usually at the top of many tourists’ lists. If you really want to pick your own strawberries, you have to visit at the right time.

Each year, the owners of Tinaberries, Bruce, Tina, and the family invite you to come pick your own strawberries from August to October.

Apart from picking your own strawberries, you can browse the wonderful products they have for sale, such as freshly picked strawberries and passion fruit, jams, sauces, and the all-famous real fruit ice cream.

Tinaberries is the perfect start to a Bundaberg day trip, as they are open bright and early at 9 am.

Splitters Farm


Splitters Farm first began as a haven and sanctuary for rescued farm animals who had been abused, neglected, or victims of their owners. Most of the animals ended up at the farm due to the drought when the farmers couldn’t take care of them anymore.

This is now a working farm and home to many Australian animals such as barramundi, wallabies, platypus, and over 150 species of bird life. Splitters Farm lets you feed and snuggle their animals and learn about their upbringing and how they are cared for.

You can also camp under the stars, with the animals at the farm. They provide powered camping and non-powered camping, and eight 5-star Glamping tents. There are many camping facilities, making this a picture-perfect farm stay.

Macadamias Australia

Found on Goodwood Road, you can take a self-guided interactive tour of the orchard, the family’s history the history of farming in Bundaberg. See immersive displays showing the farm’s place in Bundaberg’s rich agricultural history and how they aim to be as sustainable as possible.

After that, you can go on a guided tasting of premium macadamias – they are incredibly fresh and so good. Harvesting season is from February to August, so make sure to come during this time so you can take a walk through the beautiful macadamia orchard. You can also collect your own and crack them at the cracking station. A fun activity for the family!

Things To Do in Bundaberg

Bundaberg is not only home to plenty of farms but also other attractions and sights to see.

While we can’t put everything on a list, here are some of the must-do-and-see things for your visit to Bundaberg:

Bundaberg Rum Distillery
BDC1888, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Bundaberg Rum Distillery– The most well-known export out of Bundaberg is their rum, so why not see where the magic happens? You can enjoy the produce where it is made! Even if you’re not a rum fan, it’s still worth the visit, and you can take an album-worthy picture by the big Bundaberg Rum bottle outside the distillery.
  2. Mon Repos turtle centre– If you and the kids love turtles, then you have to come here! Mon Repos is committed to the conservation of turtles. Here, you will learn what role they play in the ecosystem and get to see some turtles up close.
  3. Bundaberg Brewed Drinks tour– Bundaberg is also home to soft drinks, so you can take the Brewed Drinks tour and taste all the region has to offer! The Bundaberg Brews Drinks company produces more than just their signature ginger beer, such as the spiced Christmas version or the Pineapple and Coconut drink, often described as the Queensland sunshine in a bottle. The tasting and tour are 30 minutes and loads of fun.
  4. Botanical Gardens– The Botanical Gardens are a scenic break from all the visiting you’ll be doing the whole day in Bundaberg. You can relax here, talk for a walk or even drive around the gardens. You can take in the scenery while having a soft drink.
  5. Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery– The art gallery has a range of exhibits from around the region and further away. They’re always changing, so check their website so you know what to see.
  6. Alexandra Park Zoo– From turtles, wallabies, and dingoes to snakes and many more, the zoo is the perfect place to see Aussie wildlife. Perfect for the kids to see and experience.
  7. The sugar canefields– A truly mesmerising sight, the sugar canefields are something you must see when you’re in Bundaberg. Sugarcane is at the top of the region’s history and lifeblood. You can take a drive around them and feel the Aussie breeze on your face.

What Is the Population of Bundaberg

Over the years, Bundaberg has seen a steady growth in its population because of its attractive destination for both singles and families looking for a good work-life balance and fulfilling lifestyle with a picturesque backdrop.

Bundaberg is home to over 98 000 people, with the city being 9 of the top 10 most populated cities in Queensland. The region’s thriving agricultural scene, especially the sugarcane, is a top driver of growth, as it offers many job opportunities and economic stability.

Bundaberg’s fertile soil, paired with abundant sunshine, supports a wide variety of crops, making it a good location for hobby farmers and families looking to be more sustainable. The area gives its residents a laid-back lifestyle combined with a strong sense of community. It also has a welcoming vibe, with a host of amenities such as cultural events, farm tours, farmers’ markets, and many more.

Bundaberg Cbd

How far is Bundaberg from

  • Brisbane- 364.7km (4 hours, 19 minutes)
  • Rockhampton- 287.4km (3 hours, 8 minutes)
  • Noosa- 240.5km (2 hours, 57 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bundaberg known for?

Bundaberg is famous worldwide and throughout Australia for its signature rum and amazing distillery as well. The regional town is also perfect for you and the family to explore the Southern Great Barrier Reef.

Is Bundaberg a good place to retire?

Bundaberg’s climate has been voted one of the most equable compared to other cities in Queensland. Moderate summer days and not-too-cold winter times, the city serves as a perfect place for retirees to live out the rest of their lives, where they can spend most of their time outside.