Deniliquin Property Market Trends 2710 & City Highlights

Deniliquin Property Market Trends 2710 & City Highlights

Not far from the Victorian border, Deniliquin, or “Deni,” as it is affectionately known, is a small, cosy town in the region of Riverina in New South Wales. If you’re looking for the perfect escape with outdoor adventures of fishing, waterskiing, and many other sites to see, then Deni is your town!

It’s no surprise that Deni is a popular destination for those looking for a tree change. It makes sense to settle down in this waterside town, so let’s look at the property trends in the largest town in the Edward River local government area – Deniliquin!

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Property Trends in Deniliquin

According to, the median price for homes is $ 355,000, based on 119 houses sold. This is the price range you’re looking at for the number of bedrooms:

  • 2 bedrooms- $195 000
  • 3 bedrooms- $353 500
  • 4 bedrooms- $420 000

These are comparatively affordable prices for homes in Deniliquin and can vary based on the area you choose and what the property is close to. The renting market has also decreased by 5.3%, with the rent being around $180 per week. If you’re an investor, houses have an annual rental yield of 5.5%, and units have a yield of 5.5%.

If you’re hoping to snatch up a property in the beautiful Deniliquin and are wondering about fluctuations in the local housing market, we can say that based on the five years of property sales, the town has seen an amazing growth of 14.5% for houses and 6.2% for units/apartments. 

Looking at property trends helps you make an informed decision about investing, buying, or renting in the area. Understanding Deniliquin’s property trends gives you a look into the health of the economy and housing market and whether your big move or an investment property are worth it!

General Information, Background, History

Deniliquin Town Hall
Mattinbgn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Deniliquin is a small town in the Riverina region, found on the banks of the Edward River. The town’s unique name comes from the local Aboriginal word “Denilakoon,” which means a place of deep water. It first belonged to the Wamba and Barapa Barapa Indigenous people before the arrival of European settlers.   

European explorers came to the region during the early 19th century, and the first settlement was established in the 1840s. At this time, the area was popular for sheep grazing. The fertile land around the town made it a hotspot for agriculture, soon becoming the main place for producing wool.

Deniliquin is especially known for its role in the rice industry. The town has good irrigation systems, such as weirs and channels, which made rice cultivation successful.

Deniliquin became known as the “Rice Capital of Australia,” and rice continues to be an important crop in the region.

Now, the town is known for hosting the “Deni Ute Muster,” which is an annual event that celebrates the rural culture of Australia and its utility vehicles (utes). The event has lots of activities, like ute competitions, camping, and music performances.

This is just one of the many economic activities that attract tourists to Deniliquin. The town is also home to various farms, restaurants, destinations, and many more to see.

Farming/Economic Activities in Deniliquin

Deniliquin’s history boasts rich farming activities in the area. Visiting some of the farms in the area lets you peek into the rural lifestyle and the daily tasks of owning a farm. These visits are also fun for the kids!

PepperGreen Farm

Vegetable Garden Harvest

PepperGreen is a community-based farm and education center in Deniliquin. They are all about sustainable farming practices and teach their visitors about food production, community engagements, and these farming practices.

You can attend workshops on cooking, gardening, and even preserving your harvest, which is a useful skill. You can take the family on a scenic farm tour of the entire farm, where you can enjoy breathtaking views while indulging in fresh produce and learning where they come from.

Tom’s Run Alpaca Farm

Tom’s Run Alpaca farm has been managed for over 20 years with organic farming practices and is home to alpacas and Dorper sheep. You can also spot bird life and kangaroos while you’re here, as well as many native faunae, like canoe trees. Don’t forget to bring your camera to catch the picturesque sunsets!

You can end the day with a campfire in the evening, when not in fireban season. You can also camp on the farm, provided that you bring your own amenities such as shower, water, and others. Remember, alpacas are curious little buggers, so you’ll have some visitors to your camp, so be careful!

Cornalla Farm Tour

Cornalla is one of the oldest properties in Deniliquin, and it is still around today! It is mainly a cattle property with a bit of cropping. You can take a tour of the homestead and the farm itself. You can see the early history of Deniliquin being brought to life with each part of the farm. Morning or afternoon tea or lunch can be arranged with the host.

Things To Do in Deniliquin

The town of Deniliquin has much to offer to all its visitors! There is so much to do and so much to see that your vacays here will always be full of activities. While you cannot do everything, here are some local picks of things to do in the town.

Deniliquin New South Wales Australia

Island Sanctuary

This is a natural island of red gum bushland close to the town center. Home to many bird species and amazing plant life, the island has become renowned for being the perfect place to bird watch. It also contains trees that show you the evidence of Aboriginal canoe and basket-making, and many other tourist drawcards.

Peppin Heritage Art Gallery

This art gallery shows the history of the Peppin family, who were the first ones to buy sheep and produce merino wool. It incorporates the Gallery, Heritage Centre, and the Visitor Information Centre. When you visit the town, call into the visitor centre where the volunteers and staff will help you and inform you about everything. You can also go on coach tours.

Werrpanakata Lagoon

This unique name means ‘Fishing Place’ and is a great place for your family to learn about native fish, their habitat, and how important wetlands are in the community. The lagoon is a glorious place to relax, take long walks, and enjoy some snacks.

Bike to Winery Tour

Combine two amazing activities into one with a bike to a winery tour. You can take an e-bike alongside the beautiful Murray River and visit a local winery on the trail. You can take in amazing views and stop at various destinations before reaching your destination. Then you visit St Anne’s Winery, where you can enjoy a complimentary wine and a platter too (pre-ordered)!

Tourists Couple Walking On Wine Farm Tour

Waring Gardens

This garden has been around since 1888 and was set up as a botanic garden testing several trees and shrubs and how they would fend in Deniliquin. Over the years, the garden gained a band rotunda, a fountain, lagoons, and marble sculptures representing Art, Science, and Literature; the garden is a great place to wind down and relax. It is also the common spot for markets, concerts, and beautiful weddings.

Beach to Beach Riverside Walk

Deniliquin is home to many beautiful beaches with pristine sand and calm waters, perfect for fishing, boating, swimming, and so much more. You can also go for a Beach-to-Beach Walk to observe the riverside nature, wildlife, and heritage sites.

The trail starts at McLean Beach, and you follow the footpath with tall red gum trees and the serene sounds of birds and other creatures. You can take a quick trip to the museum and District Historical Society and even see the ‘Ute on a Pole’ sculpture.

The trail goes through the Island Sanctuary, where you can see other animals and plants alike. Here, you can bird watch and have a picnic. Afterward, the trail leads you into the Murray Valley Regional Park and ends the trail at Willoughbys Beach.

What Is the Population of Deniliquin

According to the 2016 census done on Deniliquin, there were 7862 people living in the area, including the rural part. Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal people make up 4.5% of this population.

The population has seen massive growth, and that is not without reason. Deniliquin has provided diverse and sustainable job opportunities because of the multitude of industries the town is involved in. Farmers, especially, are attracted to the area because of the thriving agricultural sector.

Deniliquin also has an affordable housing market, which fits the specifications of anyone who wants to buy a house, whether it is a bachelor or a small family. Tourism also affects population growth, and during the famous Deni Ute Muster, many people are taken away from the town’s culture, attractions, and community spirit, making most of them potential residents.

Deniliquin Peppin Museum
Mattinbgn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

How Far Is Deniliquin From

  • Shepparton- 136.6km (1 hour, 27 minutes)
  • Canberra- 496.8km (5 hours, 36 minutes)
  • Melbourne- 298.3km (3 hours, 29 minutes)
  • Sydney- 712km (7 hours,34 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deniliquin popular for?

Deniliquin is on the beautiful Edward River, popular for wakeboarding, fishing, and waterskiing. If you love to appreciate the land, then there’s also golf, cycling, and bushwalking for you to enjoy. Not to mention that the waterside town is home to the famous Deni Ute Master, which invites people from all over the world.