Dubbo Property Market Trends 2830 And City Highlights

Dubbo Property Market Trends 2830 And City Highlights

Dubbo is fairly smaller than other cities in the Orana Region of New South Wales. However, it outshines them in both liveability and affordability, with an impressive range of housing options, education, and health services, and little work commute. Your quality of life in Dubbo is second to none. The vibrant atmosphere of this regional city gives you room to live comfortably, work and grow.

Let’s have a look at Dubbo’s property trends and other city highlights.

Property Trends in Dubbo

The Dubbo property market is usually considered to be stable and affordable. The majority of properties are made up of detached houses on large portions of land. Limited units and apartments are available in the city centre or close to major employees. The median price for units from March 2022 to February 2023 is $380 000.

On the other hand, the median price for houses from March 2022 to February 2023 is $532 750. If you’re looking to rent or an investment opportunity, you can consider houses that rent out for $450 per week, with an annual rental yield of 4.6%. The rent for units is $320 per week, with a rental yield of 5.1%.

Based on five years of property sales, Dubbo has seen a good compound growth rate of 22.8% for units and 12.2% for houses. It is relatively stable with a low level of unpredictability. This market is considered a good investment choice, with decent returns on your investment.

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General Information, Background, History

Dubbo is a regional city that is found in the central-western region of New South Wales. Its unique name comes from the Wiradjuri word “Thubbo,” which translates to red clay. Red clay is usually very fertile, which makes sense why most of the city’s activities are centred around agriculture.

Dubbo’s earliest inhabitants were the Wiradjuri people, a large Indigenous Australian group in New South Wales. The Wiradjuri people were known to have a deep connection to the land, so their way of life was based on fishing, hunting, and gathering.

Dubbo View

European explorers and settlers began to explore the Dubbo area in the early 1800s. In 1818, John Oxley was the first European to discover the Dubbo region, and many other settlers were attracted to the fertile red clay soil and other natural resources.

Dubbo was officially established as a town in 1849, and it fast became an essential point for transportation, trade, and agriculture. Since the city is in a favourable spot on the Great Western Railway and the banks of the Macquarie River, it became the main hub for transporting goods and people.

Dubbo continued to grow through the 20th century, and with the establishment of new industries and infrastructure, the city began to thrive with a diverse economy that combines the lifestyle of city living and farming, perfect for those who want a balance of both. Other favourable things are health services, education, mining, and tourism.

Tourists from far and wide come to Dubbo for its breathtaking natural attractions, such as the Old Dubbo Gaol, Macquarie River, and the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. The city has a rich history and culture, which makes for a good vacation!

Farming/Economic Activities in Dubbo

Dubbo and its surrounding areas have various farms that offer you the opportunity to participate in farming activities and experience the farm lifestyle. Some farms also offer accommodation. You can also take part in economic activities at the zoo.

Lazy River Estate

This is a working winery and farm that is just outside of Dubbo. You can tour the vineyard, experience farm-to-table dining and participate in wine tastings. The estate also has a Vineyard Villa, which is the perfect country escape and a five-minute drive to the Dubbo CBD.

You can enjoy the sunset or stroll through the estate, which has 300-year-old gums that are along the banks of the Macquarie River. Staying at the Lazy River Estate allows easy access to Dubbo’s pubs, restaurants, and nightlife, but it is far enough away that you still experience the peace of the countryside.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Giraffes At Taronga Western Plains Zoo
Maksym Kozlenko, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This zoo is home to various animals, including elephants, lions, rhinos, and giraffes. While this is not a farm, you can take part in the tours, such as feeding the animals and learning about their life and how they are cared for.

The zoo also offers special experiences as well if you sign your kids up for the Zoo Adventures Holiday Program. This could be a neat little experience for the kids, while you also learn about animals and have a good time.

Farm Stay at Eulandool Cottage

Eulandool cottage is just 25km away from the Western Plains Zoo and is the perfect farm stay for those seeking the peace of the countryside or young families. The cottage is on a historic working property in the south of Dubbo.

If you have children, the cottage can offer a kid-friendly experience, such as meeting the pet sheep and visiting the sheep yards and shearing shed. They can participate in interactive activities such as petting the sheep, feeding the chooks, or giving a lamb a bottle. You can partake too! The cottage owners also have three children who love to welcome guests and make new friends.

You would have the entire cottage to yourself, and you can explore the surroundings while staying away from the sheds and machinery. Take a stroll along the creeks and spot the wallabies and kangaroos, or relax in the garden watching the wrens and finches through the cedar tree.

Things to Do in Dubbo

Since the 1800s, Dubbo has been the main transport hub, with preserved European buildings dating back to 1841. However, the following attractions put this city on the map and bucket list of many visitors.

Old Dubbo Gaol

This heritage-listed jail opened in 1847 and was developed over the next 100 years before it closed in 1966. This has been a fascinating window into a vicious age for corrections in Australia.

The gaol has a spine-chilling collection of real hangman’s ropes, and you will learn how it is to be locked up in a solitary confinement cell. This is not for the weak! You can also explore the cells and courtyards, with holographic displays and animatronic figures that regale you in the daily routines of prisoners and Dubbo’s most notorious prisoners. You can join a Beyond the Grave Tour or an after-dark Twilight Tour if you want a thrill.

Shoyoen Japanese Garden

Shoyoen Japanese Garden

This is one of the most visited attractions. The Shoyoen Japanese Garden was gifted to Dubbo in 2002 by its sister city Minokamo and had cultural references and religious representation. The garden’s key features deal with water, like streams, a koi-filled lake, and a waterfall, which shows the cycle of human existence.

One of the garden’s most beautiful elements is the gate (known as “Sukiyamon”), designed and built by Japanese craftsmen in 2013. There is also a tea hut (“Chaoya”), which is a dry garden landscape with neatly raked gravel to show waves.

Dubbo Observatory

A benefit to the isolated life of Dubbo is impeccable night skies, which you can watch and study in detail at the observatory. They offer a basic Night Sky and Telescope Tour, which includes a 20-minute talk by an astronomer with the important planets, cool constellations, and stars being pointed out.

You can go for the Astro Exclusive Tour, an in-depth experience for smaller groups. You can look at beautiful celestial bodies through telescopes, each explained in detail. There are also online stargazing experiences.

Dundullimal Homestead

This is one of the oldest buildings in the country. It has a timber church, sandstone stables, and a shed, which shows you an isolated rural life of a European settlement and the miracle of it making it to the 21st century without alterations.

You can go on a tour to experience Dubbo’s rich and cultural history. You would see various working areas, such as a sunken cold room, a coach room, a blacksmith’s forge, and storerooms.

What Is the Population of Dubbo

Main Street Dubbo
martinsen-jordenrundt, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dubbo’s 2023 population is projected to be 37 368. Back in 2006, the population of Dubbo was 30 574, which shows that it has grown by 1.21% annually. The current population of the city shows growth, as the area was only discovered and settled in the 1800s and was only officially a city in the 1960s.

While the city isn’t expected to experience a dramatic increase in population as it did during the 1800s Gold Rush, Dubbo has exceptional education opportunities, attractions, and job opportunities that will result in passive growth in the years to come.

How Far Is Dubbo From

Here are the distances of Dubbo from the following cities:

  • Sydney- 404.3km (5 hours, 23 minutes)
  • Canberra- 398.4km (4 hours, 50 minutes)
  • Bathurst- 199km (2 hours, 28 minutes)
  • Orange- 144km (2 hours)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main employment in Dubbo?

Health care and social assistance. This supports a projected 5391 jobs and forms Dubbo’s regional largest employment sector.

Why do people prefer to stay in Dubbo?

Dubbo is a culturally diverse, vibrate, and welcoming society with a high living standard, affordable housing, education, and career opportunities.