Geraldton Property Market Trends 6530 City Highlights

Geraldton Property Market Trends 6530 & City Highlights

Geraldton is a cozy city along the Western Australia coastline, full of warmth, charm and relaxed vibes. This city is often the number 1 destination for all tourists, families or those who are looking to kick back and relax for the weekend. Some people are drawn to the city’s charm so much that they decide to make a move!

With this, you have to know the property market trends so you know exactly when to buy a home and what the prices are like. There are also investing options in Geraldton, so looking at trends is necessary. 

We have you covered in this article, along with city highlights that you may like!

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Property Trends in Geraldton WA

Geraldton has quite a variety of properties, catering to everyone. From spacious family homes, cozy 1-to-2-bedroom apartments and everything in the middle, you are sure to find what you want. The property market has seen its ups and downs, but still a good destination for homebuyers and investors.

According to, currently, the home median price is $325 000, showing a 1.2% decrease from July 2022 to June 2023. Smaller homes range from $236 250, showing about a 10% decrease from previous years. Smaller homes are more popular in Geraldton, especially those overlooking the beaches. Keep in mind though, these properties may be pricier.

If buying a house seems like it is not an option right now, renting is also available in this beautiful city. You’re looking at an average rent of $250 per week, which is quite affordable. For investors, you’re sure to find renters at this price!

General Information, background, history

Cathedral In Geraldton

Geraldton was once home to the Indigenous Yamatji people for thousands of years before European exploration began in the 17th century. The coast of Geraldton holds much history because the Dutch ship Batavia was wrecked in 1629. You can still see this shipwreck in Geraldton’s Shipwreck Galleries!

Geraldton was sitting on a pile of copper and lead deposits, which fast-tracked its growth as a town in 1850. The city then became a port in 1879, because of the Geraldton-Greenough railway. Geraldton served as a naval base during World War 2 for the Allies and played an important role in protecting the Western Australian Coastline.

Now, Geraldton is a popular tourist spot, where many come to wind down and escape from their normal lives. Its pristine beaches and coastline are the perfect places for various water sports, picnics and just relaxing. You can also go to one of the Abrolhos Islands, where you can watch amazing marine life.

Not only does Geraldton have a beautiful beach life, but also a thriving arts and cultural scene, as it is home to lots of galleries, museums, and festivals. The Geraldton Regional Art Gallery showcases work from local and national artists, and the Queens Park Theatre hosts various performing arts events.

There’s a little something for everyone in Geraldton!

Farming/Economic Activities in Geraldton

Geraldton is also home to many farms, all with their own charm and opportunity for you to see how farm life is, and the work that goes into it. This allows you to be one with nature, and enjoy the scenic views.

Long Neck Creek Farm Stay

If camping is not for you, try the Long Neck Creek Farm Stay. Situated on the Chapman Valley, it is a great place for a getaway while travelling with the family. They have a fully furnished modern AC 3-bedroom cottage, which overlooks the breathtaking views of the valley. There are many areas for the kids to run around and explore the gardens.

Windarra Honey Farm

Beekeeper With Honey On The Apiary

Who doesn’t love honey?!

Widarra Honey Farm allows you and the family to look into the wonderful world of bees and how honey is made. You can join a guided tour, where the guides will tell you about bees and how they play a role in pollination. There’s also a honey shop where you can taste fresh honey, buy honey-related products and take the honey home with you!

Northbrook Farm

This is a working farm and a great opportunity for you to experience farm life and how it is to live in the countryside. It is a beautiful farmland that provides ample facilities like campsites, tidy rooms and more.

Greenough River Solar Farm

This is a cool farm that runs completely on renewable energy. It is the first large-scale farm that works in sunlight, which is pretty cool! You can take a tour to learn the mechanics behind harnessing solar energy, and how they aim to make power generation more sustainable.

Things to Do in Geraldton

Here are some fun things to do when you’re in Geraldton!  

Hutt Lagoon

You cannot come to Geraldton without visiting the Hutt Lagoon. Also known as the ‘Pink Lake’, it is a salt lake combined with carotenoid-producing algae, which produces a beautiful pink colour.

There are different times to see different shades. If you want to see a vibrant, bubble-gum pink, then you should go between 10 am and 2 pm, when the sun is high up and there are no clouds. Other times, you would see colours like pastel pink to shades of purple. A cool sight for the kids!

Geraldton Foreshore

Aerial Photo Of Geraldton Western Australia

This is a great place for families and those with kids. The foreshore area has a splash park with water jets, as well as a playground with swings and works. You can have a picnic or a BBQ with the areas provided, or take a family walk to the Geraldton centre for a bite to eat.

Visit The Geraldton Beaches

Yet another reason why people come to Geraldton is the beach!

The Town Beach in Champion Bay is a popular spot, convenient for families, and right next to the Geraldton Foreshore. The beach is calm, perfect for little kids to play and a diving platform for the older kids. You can kick back and watch others kite surfing, windsurfing and many more.

The Museum of Geraldton

If you’re a history fanatic or just fascinated with the rich local history, then the Museum of Geraldton is a must-see. The museum is on the waterfront of the Indian Ocean, so you can learn about the history with a view!

You can join a tour which will explain the story of the city, the Yamaji people and their culture. Marine history, such as the Dutch shipwrecks, historic points and buildings will also be touched on. Visit the museum’s souvenir shop to take a little part of Geraldton home with you!

Ellendale Pool

A true hidden gem, Ellendale Pool is a natural attraction and a naturally formed water hole along the Greenough River. It is located near the historic Greenough town and has picturesque gum trees and cool rocky cliffs for amazing pictures! It is a 40-minute drive from Geraldton, and you can camp there at a fee. You can also bring food for a picnic to take in all the scenic views.

Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative

Another thing that puts Geraldton on the map is its thriving multimillion-dollar fishing industry, especially the western rock lobster. If this interests you, then you can call the Brolos processing plant for a tour. In this tour you will learn about this incredible industry, and how they aim to be species. They also look into the western rock lobster, and why it does so well in Geraldton. 

If you’re feeling brave, you can hold one of the larger lobsters!

Man Holding Lobster

What Is the Population of Geraldton

Geraldton has seen quite the population growth over the years, influenced by many factors. This includes the city’s location as a regional hub, endless opportunities, and the luxurious coastal lifestyle have all contributed to its appeal as a place to settle down and work. The expansion of various industries as well have also played a role in population growth.

As of 2022, the population of Geraldton is 40,935. Additionally, Geraldton has quality education, healthcare, and recreational activities, which all make it an enticing destination for anyone looking for a more balanced lifestyle. The property market is also very attractive, continually driving the growth of Geraldton.

How Far Is Geraldton From

  • Perth- 418,6km (4 hours, 22 minutes)
  • Port Headland WA- 1336,8km (13 hours, 35 minutes)
  • Broome WA- 1 929,6km (19 hours, 38 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

What water sports can we do in Geraldton?

Between September and April, Geraldton sees some awesome wind along its coastline, making it perfect for sports such as kite surfing and windsurfing. Conventional surfing is also quite popular, as the Indian Ocean produces some gnarly waves! Also, the shipwrecks serve as cool diving platforms, appealing to all swimmers. 

How long should I stay in Geraldton?

You should at least spend 2 days in this beautiful city so you can see some of its highlights. However, once you’re in Geraldton, you’re bound by its charm and want to stay longer!