Traralgon Property Market Trends 3844 City Highlights

Traralgon Property Market Trends 3844 & City Highlights

Traralgon is a beautiful city found in the Latrobe Valley, specifically on the Prices Highway. Not only does this city attract people because of its unique name, but it boasts amazing attractions, wide street lines with trees and so much more to offer. Many residents have made it thier home, and for good reason!

Traralgon has a thriving club scene, endless dining options, farms for a taste of rural life and many more. It is a good place for settling down, or investment, so let’s have a look at the property market, and city highlights so you know what to expect when you get here. 

Let’s take a trip to Traralgon!

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Property Trends in Traralgon

Traralgon is one of the most populated cities in the area, and for good reason! Whether you want to start a family here, want a change of scenery from bustling city life or just love the vibe, Traralgon has a place for you. Property trends are always changing, so its important to stay on the ball. 

From July 2022 to June 2023, according to, the median price for houses is sitting at a reasonable price of $486 000, and this was based on 443 sales. While this does show an increase 8%, it is expected because Traralgon offers benefits to living here. 

If you’re not ready to purchase, or want some rental property to invest in, Traralgon properties fetches a good price there too! Weekly rent starts at $310, pretty affordable for everyone, and usually popular with singles. 

Note that properties that are closer to the beach, parks, or other recreational areas are sometimes more expensive than other properties further away. This is an important consideration when looking at houses.

General Information, Background, History

Traralgon Railway Station
Brad F 89, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Back in the 1840s, European settlers came to the Gippsland region and began settling down and establishing themselves. The land was first inhabited by the Gunai/Kurnai people, whose language the name actually came from, meaning little river. This is apt for the beautiful Traralgon Creek that goes through the town. 

Traralgon was the spot of brown coal settlements, which happened in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. This caused the rapid development of the area, making it the city it is now. The railways to transport this coal, between this city and Melbourne, which further increased this development. 

With the addition of services, retail businesses and so many more, Traralgon became an important hub for the Latrobe Valley. Now, the city is bigger and better than it was, and continually improving for its tourists and residents. 

The tourism industry is thriving because of the natural beauty, landscapes, museums, clubs and many more. You also have necessary thing such as a vibrant retail sector, healthcare facilities and educational institutions.

From the farmers’ market, to farms and many places to stay, Traralgon remains a vacay spot for everyone in Victoria!

Farming/Economic Activities in Traralgon

The Gippsland region is widely known for farming, more specifically, dairy farming. Traralgon is home to many farms where you can visit, experience rural life, and even partake in some of the tasks that are usually done at the farm. These experiences are also great memories for the kids, and it teaches them as well!

Caldermeade Farm

This is a working dairy farm that gives you a good farm experience and what’s it like to have cows and your own farm. You get to see the milking process firsthand, learning about the different tasks that have to be done. 

The farm is also home to other animals, chickens, sheep, goats and pigs. You and the kids can enjoy feeding and petting these animals. There is also a big playground and picnic area where you can take some snacks and enjoy as the kids run around and play. Stop by the gift shop for cute cow-themed things and a range of products. 

Woman Working At Dairy Farm

Glenview Park Alpacas

Australia is known for the beautiful animal, so how can you not include them in your trip?! You can pet and learn about them at Glenview Park, who offers a guided tour and opportunity to interact with them. Take good pictures with the scenic background, and bask in the Victorian sun. 

Wild Dog Winery

If you love arts, and you love your wine, then explore the region’s amazing wineries. One of them is the Wild Dog Winery, which features an art gallery that has work from various local artists. You can enjoy these works with a glass of premuim wine. 

Take a walk through the vineyards where the magic is grown, with several species of grapes, which giving each wine a special taste. You can sample various wines, with the staff guiding you on characteristics of each wine. 

There is also a restaurant that you must visit, which has food made from local produce paired with thier wine. Perfect to end the day.

Bush Retreat Farm Stay

This farm stay is the ideal thing if you want to experience the ambience of the outdoors and wildlife. You have various bush walking tracks in your driveway. The space is a 2-bedroom home, with a lounge, bathroom and kitchen with everything you need. You can also opt for pop-up bush camping, which is offered by the retreat. 

Things To Do in Traralgon

Apart from farming, there are many things to do and see in the Traralgon. From natural attractions to restaurants and museums, there’s something for each type of person here.

Here are some activities to do in Traralgon:

Traralgon Farmers Market
  • Gippsland Plains Rail Trail- This rail trail is perfect to explore the beautiful area and take some good vacation pictures! There’s many restaurants and cafes along the trail to enjoy as well. 
  • Latrobe Regional Gallery– This is one of the largest art spaces in eastern Victoria, with seven exhibition rooms and outdoor spaces for sculptures. The museum has work from various local artists, along with shows and acts.
  • Wirilda Environment Park– This park ticks all the boxes for a great picnic and chill-out spot. It is a huge piece of land with a river where you can fish, swim and cool down. The park also has hiking trails leading up the river through Moondarra Reservoir and Tyers Gorge.
  • Traralgon Farmers’ Market– If you love everything organic, do not leave Traralgon without visiting the market! You can pick up the best farm produce and speak with locals and farmers who would happily share their experiences and even recipes!
  • Narracan Falls– This is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Victoria and an excellent place to swim in summer or wind down and relax.

What Is the Population of Traralgon

The population of Traralgon is 26 907, according to the 2021 census. It is the largest and fastest-growing city in the greater Latrobe Valley, which has a population count of 77 168 in the same census.

Traralgon is sure to have more growth in its years because of the following reasons:

  • Good prices on housing- Who doesn’t like a good property market?! Compared to larger cities like Melbourne, Traralgon has affordable housing options, which makes it a huge population growth factor, or to invest in property.  
  • Economic opportunities- Traralgon is close to many natural resources, farming activities, and industries that give many individuals job opportunities. As the town develops, it attracts more and more people who want to find a job and settle down.
  • Lifestyle- The city gives its residents a relaxed taste of rural lifestyle compared to bigger cities. Traralgon has a range of schools, shopping centres, healthcare, and many recreational opportunities, making it attractive to both families and singles looking for a quiet life.

How Far Is Traralgon From

Here are the distances from the main cities points:

Melbourne On Map
  • Melbourne- 164.5km (1 hour, 50 minutes)
  • Canberra- 572.1km (6 hours, 33 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Traralgon called Traralgon?

The name Traralgon must have come from Hobsons, who combined aboriginal words “Tarra, ” meaning a river, and “Algon, ” meaning little fish. This is fitting for the beautiful city, where people love to fish in the creek.

Is Traralgon a nice place to live?

Traralgon is the hub of Latrobe Valley and really packs a punch! There’s always something to do in Traralgon, with a wonderful food and café scene, great schools, recreational places, and more amenities to keep you comfortably settled. This, paired with affordable housing, Traralgon, is more than a nice place to live. 

Are there good spots to hike in Traralgon?

Yes! If you’re looking for a place to totally immerse yourself in nature, a hike is the way to go. You can go to the Peterson’s Lookout, Victory Park and Traralgon Railway Reserve Loop just to name a few. These trails are safe to walk on, and you can even ride with your bike if you want to!