Yeppoon Property Market Trends 4703 And City Highlights

Yeppoon Property Market Trends 4703 and City Highlights

As the gateway to the Great Keppel Island or the South Barrier Reef, Yeppoon is a flourishing destination spot that offers a vibrant arts scene and outdoor and indoor experiences, all paired with exquisite dining. 

Yeppoon evolved from an agricultural region to a modernised coastal town that charms its visitors with its seaside vibe and relaxed atmosphere. As everything else improved, so did the property market and residential areas. Below we’ve laid down all you need to know about the property scene in Yeppoon and other highlights of the picturesque town. 

It’s fair to say that Yeppoon is booming! The region is still a prime agricultural area – nearby Rockhampton is the cattle capital of Australia, but, it’s also an attractive destination for those looking for a tree-change or a sea-change.

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Property Trends in Yeppoon

Buying or investing in Yeppoon property is definitely a good move, as the coastal town continually attracts everyone from everywhere. Whether they’re coming for a holiday or looking to settle in a small town, Yeppoon has something for everyone. 

The town has seen a considerable increase in property prices because of the people who are constantly moving in or buying holiday homes. Yeppoon has amazing views, paired with other benefits, which makes the town attractive to everyone. 

When we look at the median price to buy a house, it is $590 000 from June 2022 to May 2023, showing a heavy 17.8%. If you want a bigger home of 4 rooms, you would need to spend around $655 000, but a simple 2-bedroom home is $390 000. 

For investors or people looking to rent, the median rental price is $520 per week for houses and $370 per week for units. These are just the public figures of properties in Yeppoon, as prices may differ according to what type or where the house is. 

For example, if you want to wake up to the sound of waves crashing into the shores, you should be prepared to spend a little extra because beachfront properties are more expensive than those inland. 

General Information, Background, History

Yeppoon Driveway

Before it became the coastal town we know now, the Darumbal Aboriginal people first inhabited the Yeppoon area. They gave the area a rich Indigenous history, as they deeply connected with the land and resources. 

Yeppoon is said to mean “the place where the waters meet,” which is quite fitting for the town. Before getting this name, it was first known as Bald Hill in 1872. 

In 1865, European settlers arrived here because of the expanding agriculture, lumbering, and other economic activities. The town proved to be the perfect area to grow tropical fruits, such as pineapples, because of its warm climate. 

The Yeppoon Railway was built in the 1900s and soon followed the building of hotels, guesthouses, houses, and many more. This fueled tourism and the influx of residents, which increased the success of Yeppoon as a town. 

After the 1900s, Yeppoon soon had its own shopping centres, rec areas, and many more lifestyle amenities. More and more people loved the town’s vibe and attractions, which made it the perfect place to vacation or even settle down in. 

The town hosts many local events, festivals, and markets to promote community spirit. One notable one is the Yeppoon Tropical Pinefest, an annual event celebrating the pineapple industry.

Farming/Economic Activities in Yeppoon

Yeppoon and all the areas around it have a lot of enjoyable farming or economic activities that you’d love, which gives you an insight into a naturalist’s lifestyle and how everything works. Let’s have a look below.

Tropical Pines

Yeppoon Growing Pineapples

Growing pineapples are very common in Yeppoon because of their favourable warm climate. One of these popular farms is Tropical Pines. This farm offers guided tours through the lovely pineapple fields while explaining the farming process.

There are also interactive activities suited for you and the kids. This includes picking a pineapple from the field and learning different techniques to cut it up. You can also eat delicious samples, from pineapple slices, jams, and preserves.

When all that is done, you can end the tour with a quick pop-by to the farm shop, where you can buy a little pineapple souvenir or fresh pineapple products.

High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm

This is almost like a hobby farm that produces fresh, organic fruits and veggies for their restaurant in Yeppoon called Beaches (make sure to give it a visit!). This farm is owned by Ross, and he is ever happy to show his farm and the sustainable practice of permaculture to all his visitors. You can volunteer to pick fruits or veggies or listen to Ross on the tour.

Koorana Crocodile Farm 

This is a commercially operated croc farm and a restaurant half-hour drive from Yeppoon. Koorana farm is home to about 3000 crocs. It is definitely a must-visit for reptile lovers and families, as it is a great experience for the kids. 

The farm offers fully guided tours that will tell you everything you need to know about crocs. You can also touch and hold a trailed crocodile at no extra charge. If you’re around from February, you can even see crocodiles hatching!

The on-site restaurant serves standard meals and crocodile meat dishes for the more adventurous foodies. 

Koorana Crocodile Farm

Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary specialises in caring for injured, sick, and orphaned wild animals, which are released back into the wild when they are rehabilitated. The park is great for you and the family to learn about different wildlife, such as snakes, birds, kangaroos, koalas, and more. With some animals, you would be able to touch and hold them.

You can take a tour of the place along with the guides that will educate you about the animals, the history of the park, and many more.

Things to Do in Yeppoon

Yeppoon is known as a holiday destination, and not for nothing! The town has an array of things to do and places to see.

Make sure to visit the following spots:

  • Yeppoon community markets– if you happen to visit Yeppoon on the weekend, you can visit the various community markets to buy fresh produce and a cool souvenir. You can either go to the Fig Tree Market or Emu Park Market.
  • The Yeppoon Foreshore and Main Beach– This walkway comes from the Yeppoon Surf Life Saving Club to the Keppel Bay Sailing Club and features palm trees, so you feel like you’re in paradise when walking. If you’re lucky, you’d see black cockatoos. And if you’d like to swim, the Main Beach is right there, patrolled by lifeguards, so you and your family are safe.  
  • Yeppoon Lagoon– This is a family-friendly spot where you can swim and relax. This swimming pool has shallow sections, and you can go to the edge and admire the view of the Keppel Islands.
  • Admire street art– You can discover hidden street art in the Yeppoon streetways or on the side of buildings. This artwork is in various suburbs, like Rosslyn, Emu Park, and Cooee Bay. You would see that the art has been inspired by the coastal landscape.
  • Capricornia Cruise– A visit to this town will not be complete without exploring the Keppel Bay Islands. Suited for families as well, you can see dolphins, fish, turtles, and many more marine lives. There are so many things you can do, such as sailing, swimming, snorkelling, or just chilling out and enjoying lunch. End of the day by watching the beautiful sunset.
  • Nob Creek Pottery– For art lovers, this is the perfect place to visit. You can admire some pottery artworks, as well as buy mugs, jewellery, and many more. Check out the pottery kiln as well.
Capricornia Cruise

What Is the Population of Yeppoon?

The population of Yeppoon is about 7000, and it is the largest town in a string of villages along the Capricorn Coast. The population has been showing positive increases over the years ever since European settlers arrived here. This was because of the various economic sectors and the favourable coastal location. 

Yeppoon’s population steadily increases as more and more people want to appreciate the town’s natural beauty. To accommodate this, the town has developed various residential areas, which had an even more positive effect on the population! Yeppoon is sure to see even more growth in the coming years.

How Far Is Yeppoon From

Here are the distances of common regions from Yeppoon:

  • Rockhampton- 40,9 km (34 minutes)
  •  Brisbane- 676,1 km (7 hours 43 minutes)
  • Gladstone- 148,2 km (1 hour 50 minutes)
  • Sunshine Coast- 586,4 km (6 hours 40 minutes)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth taking a trip to Yeppoon?

Definitely, it is one of the best places to visit in Queensland, as it has perfect beach weather, pristine beaches, and easy access to the Southern Great Barrier Reef.